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Shakespeare North Playhouse

Home to the Performance Garden Festival. Join us for an amazing summer of incredible performances !

Harquart - Pearce

" We make witty, relatable stories with women at the centre. 

Harquart Pearce is a multidisciplinary creator and producer of film and stage productions.


Patron - Viv Groskop

 “I can’t recommend the work of Lizzie Conrad Hughes and Shake-scene Shakespeare highly enough.

I first came to “cue script work” as a performer and it unlocked something. There’s something almost spooky about it. For the audience, it takes Shakespeare to a completely different level and makes you realise that he was even more clever than you thought: all the discoveries and surprises in the text are heightened in the most incredible way when the performers only have access to their part of the text. It’s magical.”

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Sponsor - Visionary Leadership

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