Shake-Scene Shakespeare


Shakespeare is for EVERYONE



We have been building our reputation for unique theatre performance and exciting workshops since 2017, and are entering a very exciting phase in our development - when we would love you to be a part of.

 As the only production company in the UK currently working from original Renaissance-style cue-scripts, with our actors never rehearsing together before first performance, our work is making an unique contribution to 21st century theatre.

Our unique approach creates our trademark spontaneity, which appeals to all audiences - traditional theatre-goers and those less familiar with Shakespeare – from young children to grandparents, and from all walks of life.


Performing in shared light environments opens our indoor productions to all: all our performances are “relaxed”.


Our street theatre engages directly with people passing by, drawing them into our fictional world in the middle of everyday reality.

As a female-lead company, Shake-Scene openly embrace diversity and inclusivity in all our performers, and are committed to equality of opportunity across genders, age-groups, abilities and ethnicities.


This makes our work radically interesting, as our contemporary casting melds with our original practice productions, creating something new from the best of old and new practices.

Cue-scripting injects fresh and vibrant life into familiar and unfamiliar classical texts. Our performances provide unique live theatre experiences.