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 Courses for Actors

Education 01

Acting Shakespeare from Cues Only: UNIT 1 or "AS CUE LIKE IT"

More dates coming soon!!! Watch this space.

Introducing a vibrant workshop on the opportunities offered by cue-based acting & First Folio Shakespeare to open up acting possibilities.

Join workshop leader Tamara Ritthaler for two hours diving into the surprises, opportunities & challenges of acting from cues only - with enough context to make it all very intriguing.

How can cues inform an actor's performance? How might First Folio text offer more to an actor preparing a speech or a part? Come along & discover...


Education 03

Acting Shakespeare from Cues Only: UNIT 3 or "MUCH A-CUE ABOUT CHARACTER"

More dates coming soon!!! Watch this space.

How do you get all the nitty-gritty language quirks to work for you as an actor? And how can they help inform character? This is how!

Join workshop leader Tamara Ritthaler for a thorough exploration of first identifying what is lurking in the text (an apposition? a rule of three? a repetition?) and then how that information can help the actor develop a fully rounded character with minimal preparation. This work serves all actors, whether working form cues only, or preparing an audition piece or a regular part.


Education 02

Acting Shakespeare from Cues Only: Unit 2 or "ALL'S WELL THAT CUES WELL"

More dates coming soon!!! Watch this space.

What else is there to Shakespeare for actors? Investigate switching "you" & "thou", & prose to poetry, & what exactly are Repeated Cues?

Workshop leader Mark Cassidy will lead an exploration of what happens if: a switch form prose to poetry, or from "you" to "thou", becomes an acting choice, and opens up the hidden opportunities offered by repeated cues - something you only see when working form cues parts & your cues only...


Education 04

Taming of the Zoom: Perfecting your Zoom Acting & Presentation Skills

More dates coming soon!!! Watch this space.

Two hour masterclass in perfecting your Zoom set-up & lighting for maximum impact, & how to use your space to maximum effect.

Taught by Zoom presentation & acting expert Valentina Vinci, this two hour masterclass will set you up with top-notch Zoom presenting & acting skills.

How do you best use lighting? How can you best frame yourself, & use your space creatively to maximise your impact presenting on Zoom? Do you want to make magic happen with props & raise yourself above other presenters & actors? This is the place for you!



Meet our Teachers !


Georgia Andrews

Georgia is a professional actor currently based in the UK. She has been performing Shakespeare since her teens and since worked across a range of live and recorded media, appearing in 18 of Shakespeare's 38 plays so far, including as Berowne in Love's Labour's Lost, Lucio in Measure for Measure and Kate Percy in Henry IV Part 1 or Shake-Scene Shakespeare. 

As a facilitator, Georgia has led workshops for a range of settings and experience levels, including primary Speech and Drama, drama workshops for SEN organisations, and Shakespeare crash-courses for undergraduates. She is an energetic and approachable teacher, passionate about communicating the aliveness, listening and boldness that cue-based work can unlock in an accessible way, and is currently expanding her performance and directing practice through her BA in contemporary performance at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.


Mark Cassidy

Mark is an actor with more than 20 years’ experience in small-scale touring, educational, interactive and site-specific theatre, as well as in film. With his wife, he co-founded Boo to a Goose Theatre and continues to write, direct and perform with the company.

As a workshop facilitator, Mark delivers professional development for actors with Exeter Meisner Workshop, Equity Devon & Cornwall, Creative Culture South West and Shake-scene Shakespeare, as well as for adults with learning disabilities with Magic Carpet (Arts for Health). 

A qualified teacher, he gained a scholarship to train in acting at ALRA, subsequently continuing his professional development studying the Meisner Technique with the Impulse Company and Moment to Moment Acting, and Shakespeare in Performance with Patrick Tucker, and the Globe Studio.  



Lizzie is a qualified and experienced English teacher (PGCE, Secondary English from Oxford University; BA Hons from Hull University, MA from Leeds University), with 18 years’ experience as a private tutor. She has also built up 25 years’ experience as a professional actress and teacher of acting. Besides teaching, Lizzie is also currently researching for a part-time PhD at the Shakespeare Institute, all based on the acting from cues only work that is her greatest love. She is an expert in interpreting, speaking and performing Shakespeare, with a deep-seated passion for the theatre and all things theatrical.


Larissa Oates

Having graduated from Drama Studio in 2015 I have continued to explore the amazing work of the cue-scripted method and jumped at the opportunity to join Shake-Scene Shakespeare and their education team. Nothing is more exciting than discovering something new in his language that you believe you are so familiar with. I am an avid fantasy reader and long distant walker, but can also be found enjoying the magic of live theatre in London’s West End [pre & post Covid.]


Valentina is a professional actor with over 18 years experience in the industry. After graduation from International Acting School La Cometa in Rome in 2013. She was chosen to represent Italy in the 2015 International Actors Fellowship at Shakespeare's Globe in London. She is a keen shakespearean performer with over 30 productions in her CV, a partner of Shake-Scene Shakespeare,  and a founding member of the International Actors' Ensemble. She is also an experienced AV technician and Live Broadcast operator both for theatre companies and for corporate realities.

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