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"I don’t think Shake-Scene could ever do a bad production, but this is one of their very best" - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

The Winter's Tale reviews are in!!! Click HERE to read.

Our Departments

Shake-Scene has staged full cue-scripted productions of Merchant of Venice, As You Like It and Taming of the Shrew, plus a one-hour version of Romeo and Juliet.


We run training courses for actors, schools and drama schools. 

The importance of young people and continued learning hold a central role in the work of Shake-scene Shakespeare. We provide a variety of bespoke opportunities for schools and individuals looking to enhance their appreciation of Shakespeare as text and in performance.

We are currently developing our Corporate and Outreach program. We wish to offer our work to charities as well as to provide leadership workshops and other opportunities Shakespeare can offer in the modern world.


Our Core Values

Shakespeare is for EVERYONE


We are dedicated to the following in all that we undertake:


  • Radical: to create contemporary theatre using original practices

  • Fair: equality of pay and participation

  • Education: adding our unique experience to Shakespeare performance

  • Integrity: in all transactions

  • Diverse & Inclusive: working for and with all performers and all audiences


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